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Andy Jarvis
Strategic Planning and Client Services Director
  • Recipient of the 2nd ever ‘green’ Blue Peter badge
  • Daily Telegraph Open Mic award semi-finalist
  • Was a wedding singer in a previous life
Bruce Ferguson
Business Director
  • Often seen on two wheels
  • Big fan of the Royals (Reading FC)
  • His quirky facial expressions (and red nose) were the inspiration for CBBC’s Mr Tumble
Ashley Cole
Account Manager
  • Doesn’t play football!
  • Volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK
  • Loves to bake
Elle Voysey
Account Executive
  • Trained jazz singer
  • Doesn’t have a raging obsession with penguins
  • Can’t drink coffee, so my work days are powered by herbal tea and miracles
Dan Miller
Creative Director
  • Got 10 out of 10 for his dessert at the district Scout chef competition!
  • Was model for a clothing catalogue (aged 5)
  • Enjoys kayaking in his spare time
Tim Stansfield
Studio Manager
  • Makes the best yorkshire pudding known to man
  • Loves travelling to far-flung countries
  • Once played the guitar for John Major
Laura Jarvis
Senior Designer
  • Used to be able to do a back flip
  • Had pets that were on the TV!
  • Is an artist in her spare time
Peter (Junior) Jemmott
Creative Artworker
  • Tottenham Hotspur fan (1st and foremost!)
  • Sat on a crocodile, and used his front legs like handlebars! …in Africa (kinda like Gambian Moto-Croc!)
  • Held the F.A. Cup
Adam Burch
Junior Designer
  • I was an extra in the film ‘Notting hill’
  • Creative by day, Life Saver (Firefighter) by night
  • As a child I lived in Geneva, Switzerland
Fiona Wallace
Finance and Planning Manager
    • Climbed England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike (978 m/3209 ft).
    • As in Shrek – Fiona – ‘By day one way, by night another’!
    • Gave up a table in a restaurant for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

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